Alaska - amazing wilderness! July 2012

06th January 2013
Anchorage in Summertime was notoriously cool and wet but also gloriously green with the most amazing wildflowers I have ever seen! Artic Lupines, Chasta Daisies, Forget-me-knots, Purple Iris, Blue Bells, wild Brior Roses and wild Geraniums just to name a few! They were prolific wherever you went growing wild along the road sides, in fields and in any spare square-foot of ground! This is an image of Alaska that I will carry with me forever!

We had a day excursion by small single engine aircraft up into the mountains near Mt McKinley onto Ruth Glacier. Flying in amongsth the mountains as they soured above you was amazing as was the landing on a smooth soft section of glacier. Walking on the soft snow was thrilling especially for an Aussie with no snow experience what-so-ever! Take-off from the glacier in the little plane with the massive snow covered mountains looming all around was an experience hard to describe - just awsome!

Another day excursion was up to Denali National Park - quite a contrast in scenery - rather bleak with an unusual beauty all of its own. We did see brown bears in Denali but they were along way away. We did see our first and only wolf in the wild again from a distance. Back towards Anchorage we visited and walked on Matanuska Glacier - very tricky walking on ice - quite an experience but I guess I preferred the soft snow on Ruth Glacier!

Another full day outing was from Seward - a full day cruising around the Kenai Fjords in a small fishing boat. The sea otters were very cute floating on their backs with their feet and paws out of the icy water just checking us out as we cruised slowly past them. The rain poured down during this excursion which made it very cold on the water but also created soft misty surreal images for us to photograph! The water was full of Orca and dolphins and we finally reached Aialik Glacier which was also amazing. It creaked and groaned and periodically great slabs of it fell into the icy water - this coupled with the rain and low misty cloud created a truly eerie atmosphere!

The entire trip to Alaska was organised by Darran and Julia Leal of World Photo Adventures - a photographic based tour operation - always friendly and constantly teaching throughout the trip - really brillant! Our host during the few days in Anchorage was Corky Champagne of Alaska Adventure Unlimited. Corky was a fabulous host and adapted very quickly to a group of photographers who could spend hours photographing Lupines on the side of the road. Both Darran and Corky's web pages are available in the "Links" part of this web site.