Memoirs of Papua New Guinea

Growing-up in Papua New Guinea in the decades leading to Independence in 1975 was an exciting adventure for three young Australian children. Our father was a fisheries field officer employed by the Australian government so his life in the tropical waters of Papua New Guinea was idealic! Our mother worked for the Papua new Guinea Electerol office and enjoyed working in the elections leading to both Self Government in 1972 and finally Independence in 1975. We attended school in Port Moresby and lead an adventuresome life mostly based on a fisheries out-station at Kanudi. Life was exciting and our house was filled with people from all nationalities - even our school teachers came from various cultures and backgrounds!

I am working on a "Memoir" of our adventures and stories of day-to-day life including stories told to us by our parents especially our Dad who was a story-teller and would have us eager to listen to his tales of crocodiles and giant turtles when-ever he returned from a trip. Wendy Filewood and Margaret Durnan and their families were very much part of our lives in PNG and they have both contributed details and photographs to enhance my memory.

The PDF below is the memoir I have called "Those Were the Days" - this is my first draft.

Those Were The Days Draft 211115 Sh

Genifer Hinton with her three children, Sally, Larry and David in approximately 1966 at Rouna Falls, Sogeri

Allan Hinton at work in PNG 1965