Chobe National Park - Botswana - August 2012

12th January 2013
On Botswana's far northern border lie the Kwando, Linyati and Chobe River systems that create a mosaic of lakes, islands, channels and flood plains. Part of this system is Chobe National Park, renown for its vast herds of elephant and buffalo, in fact Chobe boasts the largest concentration of Elephant in Africa. Chobe Safari Lodge is situated in Kasane on the banks of the Chobe National Park. This area is the meeting point of four African countries: Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia. Chobe Safari Lodge was our home for five days as we explored and photographed the amazingly abundant wildlife in the region! Safaris were either by vehicle or by boat and the boat safari experience was truly amazing! Floating quietly down the river watching Elephant, Hippos and Crocodiles to just name a few at almost point blank range was stunning! The birdlife was also beyond description - from the ungainly large storks down to the tiny Malachite Kingfishers and everything in between!

Elephant Crossing: The most amazing experience at Chobe occurred late one afternoon as the light started to fade and the wind dropped which created a rather soft and tranquil scene. A herd of elephants came rushing out of the dry bush down to the waters edge - they didn't drink just played with the water for about 10 minutes and then the large Matriach started across the river and the rest all followed - slowly at first as the water got deeper and deeper until all you could see were the tops of their heads and the tips of their trunks - the little baby elephants in the group dissappeared altogther except for the tiny tips of their trunks - the larger ones assiting the tiny ones as they made their way across to the rich grasses on the other side. As slowly as they entered the water they emerged on the other side, one by one until they were all safely across. Our entire group were very quiet as the Elephants wondered away from us - many were moved to tears by this very special moment!

This tour was organised by Darran, Julia and Piearce Leal of World Photo Adventures, an Australian Photo Adventure Tour Company. It was a spectactular success and I cannot recommend them high enough (Link to their web site is included under "Links")!