Mashatu Game Reserve 2017

10th May 2017
At Easter 2017 I returned to Mashatu to attend a 5 day photographic workshop with C4-Images. The tutors were Isak Pretorius and Janet Kleyn. They were excellent instructors helping us improve our photography but at the same time enjoy the wildlife.

The elephant hide was brilliant - we had sightings on two mornings with a constant flow of elephants past the water hole. It was brilliant watching the babies interacting with each other and their older family members - sliding in the mud and trying to workout how to use their little trunks!

The vehicle safaris were awesome as well - particularly the cheetah experience. There were four young female cheetahs not long set free from their Mother. We found them late one afternoon as they lay in the grass under a couple of acacia trees. Suddenly they started playing and frolicking like a litter of kittens. Running, chasing and pouncing on each other and then wrestling free and zooming off around the trees and back again. Playing chasey with 4 cheetahs is a fast moving game!

We also had some excellent Leopard sightings - they are usually fairly elusive but we found a young male one morning and followed him for a bit and then late one afternoon we spotted a female as she chased some guinea fowl. As we were heading for the little airfield at the end of the workshop we were lucky to spot another female as she lay under a bush. She had just killed an impala at the river and had dragged it up across the dry river bed to the edge of the bush and was resting quietly when we found her. It was a brilliant workshop and I can't wait to go back!