Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre 2013

15th September 2013
On Anzac Day 2013 (April 25th) on my way home from Africa I made a return visit to the Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre near Johannesburg, South Africa. My original adopted Cheetah from 2011 - Ferrari - had moved on to the next stage of her life and my support was needed by a very handsome young cheetah called Achilles who had suffered a serious leg injury. Achilles turned one year old the day before I visited but Linda and Allan Strachan waited for my visit so I could give him his mince "birthday cake"!

I spent a fabulous day at the Cheetah Centre with Linda and Allan and their team of energetic assistants. Liese from Safari Lodge Shuttle drove me down and was included in all our activities. It was a rewarding and emotional visit. The sad news was that the gentle cheetah I spent time with in 2011 and purred so loud - Scarlet - passed away not long before I visited and veryone was still a little sad about losing her.

I just love Cheetah's!