The Ngorongono Crater - Tanzania. September 2011

07th November 2011
The Ngorongono Crater in Tanzania is one of the natural wonders of the world and from my brief visit is highly valued by the Tanzanian people. It was an amazing experience slowly edging our way down into the crater via a very rough pot-hole infested dirt track - but to watch the sun rise over the crater rim as we gradually descended onto the crater floor was magic indeed. The zebra and wildebeaste were heading for their morning drink so line upon line of these beautiful animals passed us as they steadfastly approached the watering holes. It was the dry season and the herds of animals sent dust flying in all directions - the dust and sunrise did make for some atmospheric images! The crater is an oasis for the animals - no need for migration here. From the crater floor you can see the entire rim and as the sun rose the low clouds sat over parts of the rim as if they were spilling over from above - very beautiful indeed! We spent an entire day game viewing around the floor, having lunch at the springs surrounded by hippos! We saw mating lions, Rhino and many birds, gazelle and of course the zebra and wildebeest. We climbed very slowly out of the crater late in the afternoon again the dirt track was very rough and full of pot holes and rocks - definitely 4WD material! Overall a wonderful experience!