Raptors of Cabarita 2016

28th January 2017
Cabarita Headland is renown for its panoramic scenery and is a favourite place for raptors to ride the thermals. The beautiful Brahminy Kites, also called the Red-backed Sea-eagles, with their white bodies and brilliant copper coloured feathers ride the thermals overhead. They often eat crabs picked off the rocks at low tide and manage to fly perfectly well as they slowly eat their prey. The juvenile Brahminy Kites look so different from their parents, however, they were just as agile in the air and reminded me of the old adage: "No need to teach an eagle how to fly!"

Another frequenter of the headland thermals is the Eastern Osprey, also known as the Fish Eagle or Sea Hawk. Their diet is 99% fish and they have specialized vision for detecting fish under water from the air. They are brilliant to watch in action and make me wish that I too could "Soar like an eagle!"