The Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre - South Africa - August 2012

09th January 2013
The Ann van Dyk Cheetah Centre is a couple of hours drive from Johannesburg in South Africa. The Centre is managed by Linda Rosenlof and Alan Strachan. I love Cheetahs and last year adopted Ferrari, a Cheetah from this Centre and my aim was to visit Ferrari in the flesh! Linda was away when I visited but I was shown around by her partner Alan - a very hospitable and entertaining guide! I saw King Cheetahs with darker markings than the normal Cheetahs - they were very beautiful but evidently do not suvive well in the wild due to the excessive black in their coats which can cause them to overheat when they run so fast after prey. I met Ferrari with her beautiful orange eyes and was instantly smitten - a very beautiful cat! I was chewed and played with by the Hooligans (a group of 3 month old younsters) who thought I was fair game! I also met "Scarlet" a truly beautiful and regal cat. "Scarlet" is a ambassador cat - she goes to schools and is used to educate children about the beautiful Cheetah. I was able to cuddle "Scarlet" and she purred so loud that her whole body vibrated! This was a truly wonderful experience!