The David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage. September 2011

07th November 2011
The David Sheldrick Elephant orphange is the most wonderful place! My visit to the orphanage was a pilgrimidge for both myself and my Mother. We had sponsored baby eles since seeing the BBC program called "Elephant Diaries" about 5 or so years ago and Mum simply loved her baby orphan and one of the last things she said to me before she died was that I must visit our babies in Nairobi - so I have! The little baby eles are totally milk dependent for 2 to 3 years and require round the clock love and care. From the orphanage they then head down to Tsavo National Park where they start their rehabilitation back into the wild with the ultimate goal of living totally free wild lives. At the orphanage the babies come into the mudbath for milk and a play at 11.00am every morning and are so enertaining - I went back for 4 days simply mesmerized by them! At 5.00pm foster parents can go back and watch the babies have their 5.00pm feed and get bedded down for the night. They have little blankets put around them and a matress to sleep on and finally a big blanket thrown over the top. The little eles are very prown to pneunmonia and they have lost a lot of the littles this way. The keepers are wonderful and sleep in the stables as the babies require feeds every 3 hours day and night. It was a fantastic experience and definitely a return visit will be on the agenda and I am sure Mum was with me at the orphanage laughing and enjoying their antics with me!